At Tau 9 the philosophy is that service is a way of life, not mere transaction. All the staff and consultants are hand chosen due to their heart of service and a wish to make a difference within our community and economy. Tau 9 consultants work and engage the company and cover all areas of fund governance, yet have a focus on the individual member to assist, over time, to produce a successful and meaningful retirement. We invest our time, in your members and believe this assists the member to focus on their retirement and other savings.

Our experience shows us that a financially healthy member is also the most productive employee.

Tau 9 is committed to empowering members of our community as well as employees. We encourage our employees to be entrepreneurial and have ownership of the processes they are responsible for.


We assist the company management board and members to identify, implement and measure an investment portfolio. Experience shows us engaging members with their investment and its performance over time empowers members to make the best decisions possible about their funds and the growth of the funds. Our measures are dynamic and structured.

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Umbrella funds are multi-employer funds, yet each employer may structure the fund to have flexible benefits to meet individual members needs and requirements aimed at meaningful retirement outcomes. Our measurement tool is essential to planning, building and measuring a retirement portfolio over many years.

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We at Retirement Resolutions are specialists at structuring flexible member benefits. Our modus operandi is to engage the employer and member to educate, plan, measure and consciously work towards a successful retirement lifestyle. We always look for the best value proposition for the employer and the member.

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