Our approach to benefit consulting is aimed at providing an environment that is flexible, transparent, compliant, and most importantly – personal.


Fund Secretarial Services

Umbrella funds do not have a legal requirement to provide trustees. Good governance never harmed any one. We provide a framework and structure for a management committee and Tau 9 provide the packs and minutes for these meetings.


Fund Governance Services

The Fund Governance is for peace of mind. It is taking care of the company and fund hygiene. The committee is mostly a communication and oversight body.


Benefit Consulting Services

In an industry that experiences such a significant rate of change and renewal, it is necessary to ensure that a fund’s benefit structure is reviewed and updated from time to time. We comment and advise on new developments and consult with the committee and the company on the implications of relevant changes in tax- and other legislation. We review the fund’s risk and general benefit structure at agreed intervals, advise on its appropriateness and recommend alternatives. More particularly, we review the cost- efficiency of the fund’s risk policies at agreed intervals and implement a re-broking exercise where appropriate.

The benefits once decided upon by the company board or executive is then rolled out to all members. This is a personal interview process to ensure the member get the full benefit of the structure and has a direct relationship with their fund.


Member Communication and Support Services

Many fund members’ situations on retirement, are likely to fall far short of expectations unless action is taken timeously. Our member communication and support services are aimed at enabling and empowering individuals to maximise their financial wellness.

We discuss:

  • The flexible benefits offered and the choices available to members as per their annual member benefit statement;
  • their options and benefit alternatives in the event of withdrawal, retirement, death and disability;
  • the retirement planning strategies adopted by the fund;
  • the calculation of members’ projected pensions on retirement and the most cost-effective ways in which to make additional provision for retirement;
  • the adequacy of death, disability and other ancillary benefits; and
  • we provide support and assistance on making member choices in group or individual sessions.
  • Members are inducted into the structure and benefits of the fund, with emphasis on the assets, the members funding contribution, the members risk benefits all integrated into the members personal financial situation or portfolio.

By integrating these services into the traditional benefit consulting services, we are able to provide a holistic and comprehensive solution that enables members to maximise their own retirement provision by utilising all the benefits and options offered by the fund. Tax advantages are upper-most in all considerations.




We assist the company management board and members to identify, implement and measure an investment portfolio. Experience shows us engaging members with their investment and its performance over time empowers members to make the best decisions possible about their funds and the growth of the funds.



Umbrella funds are multi-employer funds, yet each employer may structure the fund to have flexible benefits to meet individual members needs and requirements aimed at meaningful retirement outcomes. Our measurement tool is essential to planning, building and measuring a retirement portfolio over many years.